What is WOL Coaching?


Understanding, advice, accountability

What does WOL Coaching stand for?

‘Whole Of Life Coaching’.

Fifteen years working with individuals, families and business owners on their personal wealth goals. More than twenty years of fitness training, nutrition hacking and exploring the physical and mental impacts of poor nutriton and good nutrition. Five years of personally running a demanding business.

WOL Coaching is helping others unpack their goals, their frustrations, their areas of improvement and connects them all within three seperate segments:

  • Health

  • Personal wealth

  • Business growth

I work with individuals on their health journey and goals. Highlighting areas of improvement and opportunity. This could be movement, mindset, nutrition or even the environment in which they operate.

I work through a persons personal financial goals. Money is still one of the highest causes of stress today.

Every business owner looks at their business through rose coloured glasses. I remove these glasses and help business owners identify areas of improvement. I work with the business owner to reflect on their journey, the business goals and objectives and create a strategy to acheive that.

Humans are like lightening, we take the path of least resistance. WOL Coaching is not just about providing areas of improvement and opportunity, but, I keep clients accountable via regular check ins. Again, human nature is to complete a task if they know they will be pulled up/held accountable.

If you would like to reach out and discuss your journey, your goals or to simply learn more please do:

ph: 0402 347 189

e-mail: johnpurl81@gmail.com