All photography provided by Jared Chambers

The journey

In early 2017 John Purl (JP) and Andy Wang, two professionals and business owners decided that perhaps others may have the same passion for health and wellness as them. Perhaps, people may even want to hear their thoughts and experiences. So, JP and Andy decided to record themsleves talking and named the podcast ‘Healthy, Wealthy & Wise’. However, during episode 1, the joke came up about how trendy it was to eat Smashed Avocado, a healthy, nutritious and expensive meal. From that moment forward the podcast was called ‘Smashed Avocado’.

JP and Andy continued to record 34 episodes together under the podcast name ‘Smashed Avocado’, in which they explored their own journey’s and beliefs as well as beggining to interview amazing people.

JP discovered the love and passion for speaking with amazing people whom live amazing lives and are successful in their field, but, are also passionate about health and wellness. It was at this time that Andy’s accounting business grew so large, that his time was all consumed by new client opportunities.

JP decided to continue exploring this new passion, following the journey wherever it takes him. However noticed the podcast name must again change to fully reflect the new path. From this, ‘Strive 168’ was born.