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The wod life - TWL

An amazing online fitness, apparel and accessories business that is very much global, but began it’s journey in Adelaide, South Australia. Ben and Andy from TWL have been working tirelessly to grow this business over the last six years to get it to where it is today. They stock and supply the most impressive range of equipment and accessories and ship all over the globe.


·         Community. Because we're part of it. We aim to bolster the community through putting on events, sharing advice and offering a wide range of products that we'd use ourselves.

·         Quality. To be the best, you need the best. That's why we only sell products we believe in or would use ourselves. We understand that you, our customer has concerns, wants and needs and we aim to recommend products that will solve, aid and benefit your training.

·         Sweat. We believe that training isn't something to just tick off the list or is some sort of obligation. It's a lifestyle. We value the motivation it takes to start training, roll out of bed for an early morning workout, and the strength it takes to bounce back after injury.

·         The impossible is possible. There is no such word as can't in our book. We believe edges are made to go over, personal bests are made to be broken. That training is the gateway to a stronger, more fulfilled life.

Thanks to the team at TWL, if you place any order online and use the code ‘STRIVE168’, you will receive a 10% discount.